Legacy IT Migration


Legacy Migration (Application Modernization)

For more than four decades, there is one company that works on application modernization among businesses. Its application modernization has been transforming legacy applications in order to obtain high performance. This company is Reliable Group which remains as the industry leader in application development services in terms of all technology platforms.

The executives in senior technology should consistently accomplish a well balanced act. This act must satisfy the evolving business demands while obtaining the best out of the current IT systems of the company. The legacy migration (application modernization) of Reliable Group permits IT to cut unnecessary operation costs while decreasing capital consumption as well as freeing all IT staff in creating business value. This company addresses whether in re-platforming, remediating or migrating legacy applications. It guarantees an outcome of adding value from your existing applications along with limited business disruptions, decreases risk and reduced costs.

Safe Annual Operating Cost Reduction

If your organization or business struggles with reducing your operating cost annually without a negative impact to daily operations, seek for the legal migration service of Reliable Group. With its years of experience and expertise, there is no doubt that it can resolve all business challenges that may arise.

Resolve such challenges through modernizing and migrating your legacy application environment into updated platforms. It will position the business in addressing new requirements like mobility, virtualization and cloud computing.

Reliable Group’s application solutions can move every existing data investment and business logic into modern platforms. It re-hosting solutions cut the operating costs annually which are integrated to legacy systems among customers by about 30 up to 70 percent. This also provides a safe and secured path going to IT assets.

Through end-to-end legacy migration approach including hardware and software services, Reliable Group re-hosting can reduce the complexities and costs of initiatives for application modernization. This company basically addresses several problems such as:

  • Aging and complex IT systems – The company will consolidate all legacy applications and remove proprietary platforms to similar strategic environments that have been deployed for newer initiatives.
  • Legacy applications investment protection that works well – Businesses can now move data and application investments into updated platforms while extending valuable IT assets’ lives.
  • Higher operational costs annually – With the company’s innovative solution, these can dramatically reduce hardware and software maintenance fees that are integrated to legacy systems.

Advantages of Application Modernization Solutions from Reliable Group

When you entrusted your legacy migration needs to this company, expect that you will receive incredible benefits more than what you deserve. Some of them include:

  • Freeing funds allotted for future business innovation
  • Annual hardware and software cost reduction
  • Minimizes retraining requirements and business disruption
  • Simplifies IT environments in order to accommodate changing demands and growing workloads well

Reliable Group got a proven and large reference base allotted for environments of re-hosting environment including different programs and applications. Its technology has been the outcome of 4 decades of service and product development experiences. This company has finally collected the most efficient tools that are used in software development.