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Golang Development Services

A modern programming language for building robust analytical solutions

Go is an open source programming language that is designed to build the next-Gen enterprise applications for the growth seeking industries. Golnag is specifically composed for the cloud platforms. It’s a robust standard library that has not gone unnoticed by Bacancy Technology. This Google baked programming language has been developing in a great fame because of its authority in the API layer with simultaneous operations as well as the superiority of its development.

At Reliable Group, we are developing leading enterprise applications using the best practices of Golang, cloud and Big data analytics, enterprise mobility to help entrepreneurs across logistics, agriculture, retail, eLearning etc. just to name a few.

How does Golang work?

Golang, Google’s product, was created to address the problems of web environment. Good concurrency makes Golang a reliable platform for the web applications dealing with the high number of users and processes. This language flawlessly works for cloud applications. Ease of deployment, strong concurrency and a simple syntax make Go a great language to build fast, scalable applications that grow alongside your business.

Golang: Key Features

  • Simplicity

    Clear syntax reduces the cost of code’s maintainability and accelerates the development process.


  • Concurrency

    The data from one source will be understandable for different users and channels, eliminating the need for division your work into concurrently executing parts


  • Security

    Strict compiler requires secure code from developer, providing better security in the future


  • High Speed

    Speed is the fastest and most stunning benefit of Golang. This feature would help to significantly reduce your expenses.


  • Independence

    Golang is platform-independent, and regardless of platform, the apps will run on correctly without any bugs


  • Cross-platform support

    It works with Windows, Linux, Unix and its BSD versions, and mobile devices.

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