Hybrid App Development

Android App Development

With multiple form factors and competing technologies, most companies find mobile applications development a challenging exercise. Moreover, mobile applications face an additional challenge of being consistent with existing IT applications and workflows. Companies today need partners who can help them rapidly develop and deploy applications for various enterprise and customer needs.

To compliment your business insights, Reliable Group can work with your team to build and deploy your Hybrid Application.

Hybrid app development frameworks


React Native

Open-source, Reusable Components. Developed by Facebook developer. Used by Facebook, Instagram, Uber Food etc. easily integrate native feature with Hybrid.



Open Source SDK, Offers all of the functionalities like native mobile development SDKs.


Framework 7

No external dependency& A Lots of UI elements and widgets.



Native Functionality,Can be extended with native plug-ins& open-source.


Onsen UI

Powerful CLI, Versatile, Flexible & Open Source.


Hybrid Feature Highlights

Exponential reduction in time and effort in getting to market
Easy discoverability in market
Less maintenance and easy upgrades
Promising technology