Salesforce lightning

Salesforce Lightning to Create Robust, Scalable and Secure Cloud Applications

Delivered via cloud or software as a service (SaaS), Salesforce is placated CRM structure that provides a range of cloud-based services like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and, etc. It is implemented for collaborating community, service, marketing, sales and analytics; customization of application design and development, Visualforce and Apex Development, data analytics and migration. Salesforce can help close more deals, expedite productivity by getting more leads, and enable you to make more insightful decisions to grow business.

Salesforce lightning is a component-based framework for app development from Salesforce to help enterprises to engage potential leads using multiple channels. It is now available for both desktops as well as for mobile applications. With the rapid increase of Salesforce, the top 5 industries where it is being used are Information Technology (IT), Finance, E-Commerce, Marketing, and Advertisement.

Automating Business Processes to Deliver Out-Of-the-Box Mobile Experience

Implementing Salesforce within an organization’s business processes is an important task. We offer customized solutions for Salesforce CRM by overcoming all the existing challenges faced by business and leveraging the potential of Salesforce Lightning. We have extensively supported many organizations with their processes and have applied enterprise-grade security.

We will help you customize your data model with just a few clicks. We make it possible to build powerful business logic, custom triggers, perform asynchronous calls (running in separate execution threads) with Lightning + Apex (a strongly typed, object-oriented programming language) combo.

Reasons to choose Salesforce Lightning ?

 Lightning implies experience the graphical user interface (GUI) that is optimized for speedIt is a powerful, tightly integrated cloud database that makes it faster and easier to create applicationsBuild apps with lightning fast speed by drag and drop components into the Lightning app builder.Helps you build powerful enterprise applications without writing lines of code.Assists in automating business processes with Lightning Process Builder; it also modifies data object relationships with the Schema Builder.It is designed to simplify processes for business users with little or no programming experienceConnect to external data sources; use them in your application with less or no need to sync or migrate existing dataMakes use of REST or SOAP API to access, update and report organization’s data and notify users in case of changes.It’s now easy to customize page layouts, specify filter criteria, access custom objects and create tabs. Re-usable Lightning components can be created using HTML, CSS and JavaScript or Visualforce can be used along with chosen Javascript framework  Easy to deploy native mobile apps via Salesforce 1 or customized Mobile SDK.Collaborating social profiles, status updates and real-time feeds are easy with Lighting PlatformLighting Platform is being distributed via the #1 Enterprise App Store – The App Exchange