Third party integrations

Third Party API Integrations: Build Internal Workflows with Third-party Tools

Third Party API integration enables the developers to build custom applications that connect directly with third-party software. This allows padding up applications with features that helps improve business processes. Integration of third party API’s enables lucid integration of existing technologies. It speeds up the development process, right time management thus managing both time and budget constraints. Third party awareness sets of API’s help leverage mobile application development specifically useful for creating context-aware applications like: Consumer experience applications e.g. alternative payment processing, sophisticated search and recommendations, online merchandising and product catalogue tools, Imaging and 3D visualization tools, and endless list of possibilities like live videos, mobile e-commerce, social networking widgets, customer service, consumer games and consumer blogs etc.

How we can help you with third-party integrations?

We develop API’s for companies who wish to offer online integration services to their customers. We provide API documentation, specialized to your needs, which contains all of the technical details required for programmers to integrate the software to a custom application. We can perform the discovery, design a plan and implement the development for any new API services that are to be offered online. We focus on building integrations that are appealing, logical, integrate seamlessly with the apps and maintain support. We follow industry-wide best practices to build API for third-party integrations like Reviewing API documentation thoroughly, testing API’s before utilizing them and a keen focus on scalable API’s to accommodate according to business expansion.
We strive our efforts to mitigate risks associated with integrating API with third party websites. We consider the following factors like: ((1) Regulation, (2) Market Condition, (3) Reputational Impact, (4) Technology, (5) Overseas Providers, (6) Specialist Providers and (7) Specialist Supplier) as the success is dependent upon a complex network of business’ third-party relationships.
We will help you leverage technology, identify potential cost savings, innovative analytics and tools/procedures to transform and simultaneously improve third-party management practices.

Reasons to Implement Third-Party Integrations ?

We completely understand all the risks associated with third-party integrations. Third party integrations help save time and money on the build by tapping into existing resources. It is an easy option to integrate API with existing solutions and extend features that can be helpful in solving various problems. We apply effective means of assessing and monitoring third-party performance, contractual obligation, and expected deliverables. Our processes include effective control over third-party access to sensitive data. We promote optimized use of integrated systems, information sources and data repositories in managing every kind of third-party risk. We keep common third-party risk drivers like – (Regulatory non-compliance, (2) Non-performance by third parties, (3) Lack of ownership internally, (4) Lack of visibility, (5) Lacking clauses in key contract) in consideration while dealing with third parties like (1) Supply-side => Sourcing and procurement, vendor management, (2) Cost-base/operations => R&D, IT, Facilities Management and (3) Revenue/income => Licenses, distribution and sales. We apply quantitative information in decision-making related to the extended enterprises.