Constructing Safety Nets for Uncertain Times

Constructing Safety Nets for Uncertain Times
May, 17 2022

Constructing Safety Nets for Uncertain Times

Constructing Safety Nets for Uncertain Times

Constructing a safety net for market crashes is possible.

Today, it is possible to automate entire businesses, if not entire industries. You can use machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) & robotic process automation (RPA) to reliably transform your business & hedge against a bear market.

Even the most “traditional” businesses – such as construction – are using automation tools to reduce probability and guarantee long-term profitability.

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker

The construction industry has a lot of moving parts – leading to delays in completion. But companies like co-founder Daniel Blank’s Toggle are reimagining tradition through robotic automation.

Reinforced concrete is the world’s most ubiquitous building material, but building with concrete means depending on the inefficient, dangerous, and costly manual placement of rebar. Toggle’s software and hardware technology works in conjunction with industrial robots and heavy material handling equipment to increase safety, productivity and precision in the rebar assembly process.

Toggle delivers steel reinforcing products at lower cost and faster speed to customers in the construction industry with a focus on shared infrastructure systems like renewable energy and urban high rise buildings.

This reduces onsite costs, complexity, and hazards, and speeds up the construction process.

Constructing the project of your dreams.

While actual robots help build sites, they can be equally useful in the back office.

When a construction company approached us to assist with vendor management, our team felt like they were building a stress relief module.

The need was simple: they needed to know if their vendors were worthy.

After analyzing the raw data, our team developed a comprehensive rating scoreboard using RPA. It gave them a quantitative and qualitative measure of work performed to help in current and future projects.

The platform is now the construction project hub for the company. They use it to manage all levels of contractors and suppliers. It also tracks every contract, lien waiver and monitors realtime work progress.

The dashboard helped trim overall job length and improved profitability, as a result.

The markets can be like a rollercoaster, but with automation, there’s no reason that your business needs to go along for the ride.

What is one part of your business processes you think would benefit from automation?

Let me know.


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