Business Intelligence Implementation services

Reliable Group is an experienced implementation partner for BI, providing end-to-end expertise in project implementation, data modeling, ETL processes, and a complete suite of decision-making tools necessary for improving operational efficiency.
How We Can Help You
With years of hands-on experience in BI solution lifecycle implementation, Reliable Group offers a comprehensive range of BI services aimed at enhancing your business decision-making capabilities.

Services Offered in Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Development of BI Implementation Roadmap and Implementation Plan for Power BI
Solution Architecture Development and Synchronization Algorithms for Big Data
Audit of BI Architecture and Blueprinting of BI Architecture
Planning for Architecture Enhancement
Complete BI Solution Development
Design of Business Requirements and BI Solutions and Design and Implementation of ETL Processes
Assurance of Data Quality
Data Modeling for Analytical Performance
Design of Data Visualization and Development of Reports, Dashboards, and Applications
Validation of Hands-On UX and Training for Key Users

Services Offered in Microsoft Power BI

Analysis and Optimization of Performance
Training and Consultancy for Power BI
Reshaping of Data Visualization and UX Design
Automation of Reporting
Development of Power Apps
Automation of Processes with Power Automate
Consultancy on Data Governance

Key Use Cases for BI Implementation Strategy

Our intelligent business intelligence implementation solutions are designed to cater to various domains and address specific industry challenges.

Business Intelligence Warehousing for Intelligent Marketing & Sales

Consolidate large volumes of customer data into a single storage to better position your products and services in line with customer preferences and needs. Utilize dynamic dashboards and reports to identify potential selling opportunities and drive more revenue. With our fast and agile decision-making hub, you can become a top performer and optimize your KPIs for marketing and sales.

Smart Financial Planning

With our custom fintech business intelligence and Big data analytics solutions, you can collect, organize, and analyze data related to your business’s current state, forecast financials, and plan your budget in advance. Our BI implementation services provide business process optimization, massive data analysis, data visualization and reporting, easier decision making, risk exposure reduction, and trend predictions.

Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions

Gain better insights into cost management, operations, and profitability with our custom BI tools paired with predictive analysis. Achieve visibility and proactive management across the entire manufacturing process, streamline inventory and invoice management with smart BI end-user reports, and detect anomalies to avoid equipment failures using disruptive technologies.

Logistics & Transportation

Empower data-driven logistics processes with Big data development solutions for added operational efficiency and smarter flexibility. Optimize delivery routes, ramp up order processing capabilities, and forecast demand with easy-to-use BI solutions. Our team at Reliable Group can assist logistics companies in devising a business intelligence implementation strategy to take advantage of logistics analytics and turn logistics data into valuable insights.

At Reliable Group, we follow a structured approach to BI implementation that helps us deliver customized solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs. Here are the key steps we take:

Requirements gathering

We start by understanding your business goals and the data you need to achieve them.

Architecture design

We then design a data architecture that aligns with your goals and leverages the right tools and technologies

Data integration

We integrate data from multiple sources into a single, centralized data warehouse that can be easily accessed and analyzed.

Data modeling

We build a data model that maps out the relationships between different data elements and facilitates data analysis.

ETL processes

We develop ETL processes that enable data extraction, transformation, and loading, ensuring data accuracy and consistency.

Data visualization

We create interactive dashboards, reports, and visualizations that enable you to explore and analyze data easily and intuitively.

Testing and validation

We test the solution thoroughly to ensure its functionality, reliability, and scalability.

Deployment & maintenance

We deploy the solution and provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure its continued success.

By following these steps, we ensure that our BI solutions deliver value to our clients by providing actionable insights that drive better business decisions.

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